Saturday, April 15, 2006

Juice Me Up

I don't usually drink energy drinks, but I recently tried three different ones.

The first I tried was Vault, which I just learned was a Coca-Cola product. I was sitting in a class, day two of two, desperately tired even though I just finished a Starbuck Venti Sumatra, and probably a bit dehydrated, but more than worried about thirst, I was panicky about falling asleep, since there were only twenty other people there and it would have been so obvious. Oh, plus the learning aspect. I don't usually go for energy drinks, since I'm skeptical about 1) whether they actually do anything and 2) is there that much more caffeine than coffee? If not, I'd rather have the hot, brown stuff. Vault's tagline is "Drinks Like a Soda, Kicks Like An Energy Drink." Basically, it tastes like Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew. Taste-wise then, okay, but it also had that weird energy-drink powdery taste underneath the carbonation. I'm not a big fan of either of those to begin with, so maybe that should have been clue enough to me. Coldness is good when desperately tired, tummy-aches are not. Something about the drink did not agree with my stomach, (or perhaps it was just piling it on top of a venti coffee.) Either way, my stomach was tres mal for the rest of the day.

Slightly off the subject here, I was just at Coca-Cola Company's website. They have amazing brands that I've never heard of: "Tea for Dining" and "Soonsoo" and "Black Fire." I realize these are probably international brands, but wow, what awesome names! They should have an international fest and offer these products for US consumption, at least temporarily! Since I'm on the subject of Coca-Cola, I also have to mention that I am crazy for Coke Zero. Okay, I love Coke (original) anyway, so a zero-calorie option? Wow! Those people are crazy!

Anyway, this post is not meant to be an endorsement of Coke products... but the next one I tried was Coke Blak. "Effervescence with Coffee Essence." (Who writes these tag lines? I so want a job doing this.) I had a weird experience with it. I thought it tasted really awful at first, but as it sat there on my desk, I couldn't help but keep sipping at it. One sip and it tasted like flat, syrupy Coke original, the next it tasted like really strong coffee, but not great coffee, rather the kind where you just know there's gonna be grounds at the bottom of your cup when you finish it. It was really weird how the tastes didn't seem to combine, but seemed to switch with each sip. It wasn't awful, just... unique. It did seem to have a kick though, as I worked an extra long day when drinking the Blak.

While typing up this post, I am drinking Tab Energy, the best energy drink I've ever had! "Fuel to be Fabulous" is this drink's tagline, along with the description of "deliciously pink." I'm pretty sure I know what "red" tastes like, but pink? The taste is like these candy-canes my great-uncle used to give me a Christmas. They weren't the crappy red & white mint kind, but were red and yellow and green and tasted faintly of raspberry or cherry. This is exactly what Tab Energy tastes like. So far, no tummy-aches or weird indigestion. If it wasn't $1.99 a can (at least by me it is) I could see myself drinking this everyday, forgoing my afternoon grande.

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Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Might I recommend Monster Energy?

I liked it so much I pursued them for an athletic sponsorship.